David Shimabukuro
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
California State University, Sacramento
office:  916-278-6382

I have two distinct research interests:  tectonics and water resources.

Tectonics:  I am a field-based tectonicist who uses mapping of field relations, geochemistry and geochronology to understand the earth. Recently, my tectonics group has been focusing on understanding the history and evolution of ocean crust, from its formation at mid-ocean ridges, to subduction, and to its emplacement as ophiolites in orogenic belts. My students have worked in Calabria, Italy; the Alps; and Northern California.

Water Resources:  My water resources group studies the interaction between oil and gas wastewater injection and groundwater resources. We use data from archived oil and gas wells to understand the distribution of saline groundwater, the stratigraphy of the subsurface, and potential well integrity issues.

I am currently accepting graduate students.